Dupont Nomex® Brand Paper

Stockiest Of "ITC" Brand "UBIL" Electrical Insulation kraft Paper Suitable For Aluminium & Copper Conductors Wrappings Sizes Rauges Form 1.5 mill to 5mill
Du Pont Nomex® Brand Paper
Nomex ® is a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer that provides high levels of electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity when converted into its various sheet forms. Used properly, Nomex ® paper products can be extend the life of electrical equipment, reduce premature failures and repairs, and act as a safeguard in unforeseen electrical stress situations.

A unique combination of properties gives Nomex® superior characteristics:

• Inerrant dielectric strength, 
• Mechanical toughness, 
• Thermal stability, 
• Chemical compatibility, 
• Cryogenic capabilities, 
• Moisture insensitivity, 
• Radiation resistance, 
• Nontoxic, 
• Flame resistance. 

Paper available in Type:

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