Electrical Grade Insulation Kraft Paper

Direct Importer Of "TOMOEGAWA MAKE" Japanese Origin Electrical Grade Insulation kraft Paper Used For Interlaying Of Transformers and Copper & Aluminium Conductors wrapping / covering. Ranges From 40 Micron (1.5 mil) To 125 micron (5mil).

*   Transformer Industries interlayer insulation
*  Wrapper of Copper & Aluminium Conductors.

Electrical Grade Insulating Kraft Paper available in jumbo or
slit rolls from 1.5 to 6 mils thickness
Slit Widths : Insulating Kraft Paper in slit width (ready to use)

Tomoegawa Insulating Kraft Paper

  Applications :
Insulators, dielectric , High tensile strength tapes 

Special Characteristics:


. Low ion contaminants through the use of de-ionized water
. Superior resin and oil impregnation characteristics
. High tensile strength in the vertical direction
. Capable of being produced in thin sheets (23g/m2 - 35 microns)
. Paper combinations - 3 layer construction possible
. Low density, high air permeability
. Little difference between front and back
. Heat resistant insulating paper
. Coloured insulating paper
. Colored with dyes that have no electrical influences
. Semi-synthetic insulating paper & others 
. Also used for instrumentation and condenser applications
. Basis Weight 23 - 330g/m2 

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